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Emotional Wellness
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Mind Healer
Transformation Coach
Limiting Beliefs

Do You Know?

Do you know that all the trauma, upsets, and emotional disturbances that we face during our childhood, even the physical & emotional abuse, are all unresolved emotions, crystallized & frozen in our sub-conscious.

Over time emotions of similar nature keep attaching to these frozen ones.

And when it overloads & body cannot handle them anymore, they start to show up as mental & physical ailments like Depression, Heart diseases, Sugar imbalance, thyroid, arthirites, body weight & even cancers & tumors.

A healthy mind, free of these past blocks, will automatically nurture a healthy body while a heavy mind, loaded with trauma & pain will show up as illness, failures, lack of confidence, insecurity, lack of enthusiasm, impacted levels of performance and lack of leadership.

Identifying & releasing these blocks is very easy & do-able with Hypnosis & one can cure body issues by releasing & freeing up the mind. With Mind Healing, it is even possible to reverse diseases which have no cure in the medicinal world.



Neeraj Malik
Emotional Wellness Coach & Mind Healer
About Me

About Me

Being born in a home with acedemic toppers & gold medalists, I felt it my duty to fall in line and fit in. Life was kind and I reached a place where I was heading a multinational, working with Germans, European & global markets. 

As the journey progressed, something inside kept pulling me to eject out. The rat-race for success, fame, fortune did not attract me. Very early I discovered my core competency was People & relationaships - I had a natural talent for creating startegic teams, creating Leaders & helping people go beyond their self created "Boundaries".

During the last 22+ years, from heading global companys, setting up successful entrepreneural ventures, e-commerce business bringing sustainable employment to masses, I moved on to work with Trusts & NGO''s for the less priviledged to expand & increase their reach.

In these years, looking for the way of my heart, took me on a Spiritual path, understanding about God, karma,, my purpose of Life, how religion and spirituality interact with each other – and a hunger to know my purpose, my identity & a way to give back & contribute.

My search took me into coaching, mentoring & counselling people as well as corporates -expanding myself into many fields of metaphysics & mind biology. I studied epigenetics - the impact of emotions on the physical body & how we can & have the capability to heal ourselves. 

I founded Breaking Boundaries, an organization that focuses on re-educating people to live a life of Freedom & Love.

I have a Vision of a world full of thought leaders & awakened consciousness, with no fear or guilt, living fully self-expressed lives, full of passions, love, peace, happiness & filfillment.

I am on a miossion to transform the Education System globally to enable 10 million people to become successful& confident by reinstating their belief in themselves & live their life with passion.



Simona, Homemaker

Thank you Neeraj, for the Theta Meditation. I have been carrying guilt  over an issue for a long time and have not been able to let it go.  After our sessions, I  feel a huge shift in me & feel extremely light.

Ms Bela, HomeMaker

Dear Neeraj, You inspire and motivate me. And make me calm always. Your commitment is laudable . Giving backto society & nature, the immense knowledge & love you have. 

Nitin Koshal, Director HR

Neeraj is an admirable combination of  business as well as technicalexpertise.

An out and out people's person who only lives from his heart. His commitment & stand for people is something I have always admired.  

Deepika, Entrepreneur

Working with Neeraj has been a pleasant surprise. 
Having practiced since 12 years, I went in thinking I know a lot about spirituality, but my beliefs were further shattered and I opened up to a vast array of new possibilities, possibilities of being present, always in gratitude no matter what, being in a no judgement space, and a complete surrender that led me to being even more joyful than I was before. 
Neeraj worked with me closely on a case to case basis, to delve deeper and do a ‘surgery’ of the situation to make sure I am in full awareness if it were to ever happen again. I had experiences pre-Neeraj’s sessions, in which I would react, get angry and feel helpless; but post-Neeraj’s sessions, I welcomed the same very situation with my full heart and even laughed at what was happening. 
The more vulnerable I became with my sharing, the more I took away, and the more impact it had in improving the quality of my life. 
The quality of my relationships has improved, I have become a better leader and even people who work closely with me have started saying they see a positive change in me. One of them commented, “please tell me what you’re doing, I too want that joy on my face at all times!” 
And in my mind, which I too have started loving like I love everything in my life now, I just thanked the universe, and thanked Neeraj for the same. 
I’m looking forward to carrying on this journey of coaching with Neeraj, super excited about attaining the indestructible and super joyful state of being! 
Last, but not the least, money, joy and love has started flowing abundantly into my life ❤️❤️❤️
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Savita, Homemaker

I have been in touch with Neeraj since 2020, October & I cannot explain how beautiful my journey has been since then. 
I have really learnt to face my fears & the reality of life weather it’s a shift of my perspective towards self love or my health .. it’s been an amazing journey of learning.

In terms of my health - after leaning the practice of 
“ Thanking & loving “ everything in life // my frequent headaches & stress and anxiety became much better & I was able to withstand them strongly , happily by welcoming each situation with a smile on my face.

Thanks to Neeraj for everything & for bringing in this positive outlook towards life. 🙏🏻♥️

How I help you...



I work with you through the process of healing from simple bodily pains, diseases to releasing even bigger issues like stress, PCOD, as well as Trauma & the hugeimpact of loosing a loved one.

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Aimed at re-connecting to your Self Esteem, Confidence, going beyond your Relationship issues, Limiting Beliefs & even identifying your Life Purpose.

Read More >


Reinvent your Existing Task Force, bring Leadership at every level, Improved Ownership & Effectiveness, Increased Productivity  & Efficiency, Increased Integrity & Ethics, Improved Communication between teams!

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Bring Clarity of Mind, Releasing emotions like anger, upset, guilt, stress & worry, increasing Energy Levels, connecting to Life Purpose & dealing with breakdown of 3 main pillars of Life - Health, Relationships & Wealth

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I bring to the stage a kind of Influencing presence.

Events that require motivation, inspiration or thought provoking conversations!

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Why Neeraj?
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Why ME ?

I’m here to help inspire and help you to live a more fit, healthy and empowered life in mind, body and spirit, as well as to help harmonize your energy, tap into your true source of power, your intuition and authentic self!


This work comes to me naturally and I feel Universe has navigated me to the one thing I am born to do - 'Serve People' via my knowledge, experience & intuition.

I use analogies to simplify & help people implement the most tricky & tough learnings easily & conveniently into their lives.


You can join me for my workshops & meditation sessions & feel the positive energy through live zoom calls.



# 91-995-868-0909  

If you would like to book an initial 30 minutes consult for free, find out more about how I work or have any questions, please contact me with enough detail so that I may be able to help you as effectively and as timely as possible. 

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