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An enigmatic, dynamic and compassionate person, Neeraj has spent close to two decades working with people as a Coach, Guide, Mentor and Healer. Being an Empath, even when he is straight and confronting in his healing and coaching approaches, his context is powerful and effective, leaving the clients with access to their own patterns, behaviors and full potential.

He focuses on examining what one does, why one does it and who one is? And how does one form his/ her identity.

Neeraj's USP is his belief that we are all born free and our environment as well as our conditioning has created a sub-conscious bondage which we are all struggling under and not even aware of it. While interacting with him, this is the underlying principal that forms the DNA of his work with his clients.

His results with people are phenomenal & profound, focused at leaving them empowered with Freedom, Full Self Expression & Self Love. 

From Neeraj's Desk:

Being a techno commercial guy with critical acclaim in the Automotive industry, I have always  been passionate  about creating fun, laughter, joy and committed to people living their life to their full potential.


In the quest of discovering my true passion, I have been engaging with organizations, people, environments where I am able to contribute and help them get free from the rat race and move on the path of self discovery and self expansion. Helping them connect to their true self and live a life full of Inspiration, Satisfaction & Freedom of Expression.

From a very young age I understood that unless we know how we handle our emotions and energy, no matter how hard we work, we would never be able to completely explore our potential to the fullest.

I am committed to a future where every human being is living a happy, fulfilled and fully self expressed life.

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